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Web Design

Web design is the process of creating a web page or several pages in order to present the information that you want to get across. The web is such a diverse place that almost anything goes. What one person might like in a site , another might not. For that reason, you should either make your own web site or else find a designer who will make the site look like you want it to look like.

Making you own site is not as difficult as it sounds, but it will take some time to learn how to do it. First you need to get a program that allows you to make documents using HTML (hypertext mark up language). Check out the information for your word processor and desktop publishing programs before you rush out to buy any special programs. For simple web sites and those who are new to web publishing these work fine.

As you progress to making more intricate and customized web pages, you will find that you may need the power of a specialized web site/design program. There are several out there, but I highly recommend Microsoft's FrontPage. It offers all the bells and whistles at a reasonable price and it also offers special tools for managing the entire site. For more information see the Microsoft FrontPage web site at http://www.microsoft.com/FrontPage/

If you chose to hire someone to design your site, make sure that you check the following:

  • Ask for other sites that they have already published so that you can see examples of what type of work you will be purchasing.

  • Check out the prices being quoted. Prices vary a whole lot and you can frequently get good sites without spending a lot of money.

  • If you need specialized features (i.e. shopping carts, e-commerce, database integration, etc.) make sure that the designer has experience with this and is competent in this field.

  • Verify what's included in the price; does it include rewrites until it meets your satisfaction?, do you get any additional changes after you approve the final design?, are there additional charges for adding graphics/pictures?, how much will any future changes cost?, etc.

  • Will future changes have to be made through the designer or will they transfer the web site to another person/company if you request it. Will there be a charge for this.

  • If you get a domain name for your site will it be registered in their name or yours?

If you have any specific questions about getting a web page made, please use the following form to contact me

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