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Domain Names

One of the best ways to publicize your web site is by using a domain name. You can always get to a web site by typing in it's correct address (i.e.http://eteamz.com/TCSL).

With a domain name you can get an address that is easier for people to remember and use (i.e. www.tcsl.info) You can also get multiple domain names and have them all go to the same web site (i.e. www.treasurecoastsoccer.com) Using domain names that are easy to remember for your customers is the primary reason to get one. The other reason to get a domain name is for when you want to receive e-mail with your own name on it (i.e. mike@websbymike.com). Each person contemplating publishing a web site needs to make this decision on their own.

Most companies that provide web hosting services will also register the domain name that you want to use. However, you can also register by yourself by going to a domain name selling company like www.GoDaddy.com, www.NameCheap.com, www.Enom.com, etc. All of the ones mentioned have been used by Webs By Mike and provide excellent service. It is vitally important that you make sure that you are listed as the owner of the domain. If not, then the domain name may be resold without you permission.

When you register a domain name, you will have to provide either a fixed IP address for the web site, or the domain name servers that are associated with you the domain that you have hosted. The IP address will be a number address such as This number correlates where on the internet your site is located. When you register your desired domain name that address is assigned to that name, and then that information is propagated through special servers across the web that interpret this information for your browser to go to the correct location whenever that name is entered in. Because this information is transmitted across the web to these special servers, it sometimes takes a day or two to get your domain name spread throughout the entire world wide web. The same process takes place when your hosting service uses share domains, however in those cases, they will assign your domain to a domain name server on their site. These server sole purpose is to direct traffic to and from your web site using the domain name that you have registered. Domain name servers usually have a name like NS1.HOSTMONSTER.COM.

When you sign up for an ISP to host your site, either an IP address or domain name server will be assigned to your web site. Then all you have to do is ask your provider for it. If you are using the personal web space associated with a dial up account or a free web hosting service then there is usually an extra charge for providing a permanent IP address. Many times it is impossible to get a permanent address from these type of providers. In such cases, you can use a redirect service such as at www.namesecure.com. This service provides a permanent IP address for your site, but instead of providing the hard disk space to store your site, they redirect anyone trying to access your site to the correct address that you supply. One advantage that redirect services have is that it is extremely easy to move your site to another provider without having to submit the changes across the entire world wide web. This service is also usually cheaper than paying someone to host your site.

Most redirect services also provide for unlimited e-mail address to your domain name. Again all they do is forward the e-mail to an another e-mail address that you specify. It can be a very nice feature though.

If you have any questions, please send me the question and I will try to answer it the best that I can. Click on the letter to send me any question or comments! 


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